I design interfaces

& veare is my design studio.

This is what I do

Interface design

When designing responsive websites, Mac or iOS applications I focus on usability and user experience.

Using design thinking methods, I create user stories to find the most important features & potential problems to solve.


Print design

Designing magazines and other print products I pay special attention to typographical details.

Readability and well structured information are my main focus in editorial design.



Turning complex information & numbers into easy-to-understand visuals is the magic of information graphics.

If you need to explain a product or a complex workflow, an infographic is just the right thing.


Modern branding

Todays brands need to compete mostly in digital media & advertising, a modern branding strategy accounts for that. A brand's corporate identity must be easy to remember and able to compete in the digital world.



visionary design means creating a lasting design approach that grows with your company.

A vision needs to be reevaluated and adjusted all the time and any design work needs to be flexible enough so it can evolve with your content and goals.


intelligent design focuses on usability and user experience.

Any design process starts with a need for information architecture. By structuring and connecting information intelligently I create designs that support the user in consuming and understand what you want them to know.